From storyboard to post - production, we do it all

Pre - Production

All great projects start with an idea. Together we can create a storyboard, script, and shot list to help create your project.


With a 6K video package, professional grip and audio equipment we assure your needs are met when it comes to the shoot day.

Post - Production

The editing room is where your story comes to life. The sequencing of shots and music choice all play a vital part in creating a video worth remembering.

Jackson Tobler - CEO & Founder

Jackson Tobler is the Creative Director of Angry Wombat Media Productions LLC. Jackson often creates with emotion in mind, wanting his audience to feel connected to what they are watching. Whatever your need is, Jackson is involved in finding a way to solve it.

Kevin Thornton - Marketing Specialist

Kevin Thornton understands the needs of clients. He finds the best way to market your video so it has the most success possible. He knows the in and outs of using Google and Facebook so we can use them to our advantage while marketing your video.